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As a professional, you are looking for a financial partner that is also professional. We believe you have come to the right site.


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We have more than 25 years of experience in A/R Financing.

We have offices coast-to-coast to better serve you & your clients.

We employ a seasoned sales team that can close your referrals.


You will appreciate our compensation program


AeroFund offers one of the best commission programs in the industry.

With our “Forever Contract”, you can earn residual income that could last you months and to years!


You will like what we offer your clients


High advances (up to 95%)!

Low, competitive rates !

Very fast, 24-Hour funding!


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A large portion of the AeroFund Financial portfolio consists of businesses referred to us by banks, such as yours.


This is how we can help and why working with AeroFund can be beneficial to both you and your customers:


#1 Your Prospects


In the business of business development, prospects often have financial needs that a bank cannot initially satisfy. AeroFund can function as a short-term lender, on an interim basis, while your bank positions itself as the eventual long-term lender. We can help you jump-start the relationship with your prospects.


#2 Your Non-Borrowing Customer


Your customers, unable to qualify for bank loans, need financing. You can be of assistance by introducing them to AeroFund thereby eliminating the need for them to search for financing elsewhere. We will help you maintain your banking relationships.


#3 The Problem Account


A customer has been assigned to your “Special Assets Division” or workout group, for the purpose of terminating his loan. By referring your customer to AeroFund, as an alternative source of financing, we become a very important part of your exit strategy.


#4 Participating and Subordinating


AeroFund can work with your bank as a co-lender. We can finance your customers by introducing joint funding opportunities through participation agreements and accounts receivable subordination arrangements.


The referrals you make to AeroFund Financial will help to secure and maintain the banking relationship you enjoy with your customers. We will work with you to keep your relationship intact, leaving the door open to your bank for future lending opportunities



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